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POTA Summary

Contacts – 142

Equipment - Radio – Yaesu FT-DX10

Antenna – MFJ-1979 Whip mounted on truck trailer hitch

Bioenno BLF-1230A LiFePO4 Battery

Entrance to one of the boat ramp areas in the park. This is where we activated.

Operating Location

Nancy - KY4YL running the pileup

Paul - ND4X

Yaesu FT-DX10 running mobile

We use a RJ-45 Coupler, which lets you use two microphones on the FT-DX10. Sure makes it easier in a pileup than handing the one microphone to another operator for each contact.

Operating vehicle, and the vertical whip is almost camouflaged by the trees in the background. The whip is removed while traveling and stored in a short PVC tube.

Here you can see the vertical whip antenna mounted to a trailer hitch. The 16.9 foot whip collapses to 27 inches and covers 20 through 6 meters.

Extreme southern end of Jonathan Creek off of KY Lake.

Looking north into the Jonathan Creek Bay, which joins KY Lake. The water is extremely low at this time of year getting ready for Winter.

Kentucky Lake Wildlife Management Area includes several geographic locations along the shore and bays of Kentucky Lake. The WMA includes 4,043 acres.

The old Highway 68, Eggner Ferry Bridge (built in 1932) after being struck by cargo vessel MV Delta Mariner that was full of aviation parts on January 25, 2012. This is just outside Kentucky Lake WMA POTA K-10140, crossing over Kentucky Lake into Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area POTA K-3792. See map to the left.

Highway 68 leaving the Jonathan Creek / Aurora area. This is the new bridge spanning Kentucky Lake, entering into the Golden Pond area of Land Between The Lakes National Recreation Area which is POTA Park K-3792.

POTA Activation

Number 23



Kentucky Lake Wildlife Management Area

Hardin, KY

Grid EM56vs

Marshall County, Kentucky

All QSOs were on 14.277 MHz, USB

KY4YL and I were the first two activators of the new POTA Park

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